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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Woodland Update

The Legend begins…

Embark on a journey where the Ancients have left off at the Luminescent Mushroom Colony.
Find out why the Ancients had to leave at the time of the Great War of the Gods.

Find out what had happened to the Great King Angelion. 
Decode the messages hidden in the Ancient Tablets left by the Ancients. 
And lay ruin to the plan of the Great God of Destruction.

On this update, Woodland will be updated. 
Three more Territories and 1 Sacred War Zone will be added. 


Don’t miss out on the already updated combined Mission War happening every 2 hours. 
Then, get your merits as your war rewards and use it as your in game currency.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Expansion Pack Coming Soon...

Finally, the very first step of the 4Story expansion pack will be taken. 
The expansion pack will include the level 140 level cap increase and the introduction of two new maps along with some new monsters.

In this post, we will focus more on the Androberry map itself.

The map will show a city surrounded by a huge wall - a wall so big that almost identical to a Wailing Wall in every way, some ruins that is resembles a Greek temple and also some ponds with boats floating on it.

We’ll try to show you more on what’s coming on our next post.
So stay tuned with more information...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Ice Dungeon Battle Ground Map Coming to 4Story

One more new Battle Ground map will be released in the near future. This time, 4Story will introduce the Ice Dungeon, a world covered in ice.

Like the previous maps, they will have the same rules in which you will have to defeat the titans at the opponent's base two times to win the game. However, the whole dungeon appearance, the monsters and the dropped items will have a totally different look.

We have posted some of the new screenshots of the new Battle Ground map. Can you see which part is which?


4Story is also thinking of adding some new functions to Battle Ground to make the game more fun. What will be added is still yet to be determined, so it probably won’t be added to this new map.

Speaking of which, what new feature do you want to be added?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

4Story Sneak Preview : King’s Tomb

Ever since the first Battle Ground Map, there was a plan to launch yet another map, so players could have one map every three months. It looks like the time is now for 4Story to acquire a new arena. Like the first map, this map will also have cold areas and hot areas, and blue team and red team home base. The players who take possession of the raid zone will allow themselves some buffs or extra attributes. May be the titans will drop back by one line if you clear the raid zone, who knows.

The map it seems is going to take on a King’s Tomb theme. Much of the area of the map has yet to be revealed but here is a glimpse of what’s to come. You can see the majestic force flowing out of the chamber.

Can you guess what this area is?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

4Story Sneak Preview : Eerie Skies

Ever looked at the skies on Geburah and looked again at Chessed?
Think it is the same old sky?
Well, this is probably going to change after an update that is planned soon.
4Story will take on a whole new look after this update. See what is coming.

The skies will be undergoing some major changes in the distant future as they will be refitting in different colors and clouds depending on the region.
Some will have an eerie feeling while others give a more darker look.
There are even some devilish red color sky.
The war districts will have a more hellish feeling while the other lesser war zone will have a some what brighter but eerie feel.

See the images below and guess which map is which.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

4Story Battleground Game Rules

4Story Battleground Route
Battleground Route
The goal of the game will be to drive the three guardians in the middle to the opponent's territory. This will be very similar to playing a soccer game since the players goal will be to drive the central guardian to the opponent's territory. The guardian will only move along the black line, so smart moves are advised.

There will also be several obstacles, such as  Towers, cannons and monsters, and, of course, the opponents will be waiting for them on the other side as well.

4Story Ice Raid Zone
Ice Raid Zone
There will be hunting grounds to help players level up. The raiding dungeons, either hot or cold, will enable each team to power up, like some 5 or 10% additional attack powers to the team, so like most similar games, the smart move would be to conquer the hunting zone and the raiding zone first.

While most of items will be reset upon moving in from the local server to the Battleground server and all items earned will be reset as well upon moving out of the server, some attributes such as experience may be added to the characters in the local server for playing the Battleground game.

Stay tuned for more information.

Zemi Interactive

Friday, October 18, 2013

4Story Battleground Content Revealed

4Story Battleground Map
New PvP Battleground Map
Today we take a look at the upcoming 4Story new PvP contents, a content much similar to LoL or DotA, code name Battleground. This new PvP map will be accompanied by 2 Hot and Cold raid dungeons, 8 hunting grounds, tons of new items and awesome new monsters.

The battleground will have two sections. Red and Blue. The goal of the game will be to drive the 3 foothold guardians in the middle to the opponent's territory to the point of incineration as the foothold guardian. The team to incinerate one guardian will score one point. The team with a total of 2 points will win the war.

The war will also be a server to server match. This feature, thanks to popular demands from the players, will enable players to fight for their guild, server, nation or a guild in a different server and nation. To join the battle, players will have to log in to a league server where a new match making system will help them find players to play with and record the scores they have achieved.

Stay tuned for more information...

Zemi Interactive