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Friday, October 18, 2013

4Story Battleground Content Revealed

4Story Battleground Map
New PvP Battleground Map
Today we take a look at the upcoming 4Story new PvP contents, a content much similar to LoL or DotA, code name Battleground. This new PvP map will be accompanied by 2 Hot and Cold raid dungeons, 8 hunting grounds, tons of new items and awesome new monsters.

The battleground will have two sections. Red and Blue. The goal of the game will be to drive the 3 foothold guardians in the middle to the opponent's territory to the point of incineration as the foothold guardian. The team to incinerate one guardian will score one point. The team with a total of 2 points will win the war.

The war will also be a server to server match. This feature, thanks to popular demands from the players, will enable players to fight for their guild, server, nation or a guild in a different server and nation. To join the battle, players will have to log in to a league server where a new match making system will help them find players to play with and record the scores they have achieved.

Stay tuned for more information...

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  1. Excellent! I am sure knowing that new content is indeed being created will revitalize the game quite a bit! Also great idea on the Blog!

  2. Hi, all is good.. blog and new vision to future.
    I hope you will be have system for inviting players as TERA for battleground, or party/raid, 4story is very PvP and it´s horrible to chatting to Allchat for C map-party (radar), search raid on evening conquest.

    1. Inviting a player is a good idea. We'll see what we can do about it. Thank you.

  3. That is a great idea! It is a great game with good possibility. I hope you will develop this game.
    I suggest some idea:
    -rise the maximum level
    -open new warzones
    -open new castles
    -gor be an independent and optional nation

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. Level cap increase is coming on this update. It will be raised to 97. All new war zones will come in the form of this Battleground. That's all I can say at this moment. Thank you.

  4. Nice idea.

    Some other suggestions:
    - PvE System (Raid dungeons with very hard fightable, so that its only possible to go there at least with one group, and nice drops)

    - Maybe a dungeon finder

    Hopfully you will implement something :)

    1. (Raid dungeons with very hard fightable monsters, so that its only possible to go there at least with one group, and nice drops) * forgot the word monsters

  5. When you can say something more about incoming patch?

  6. Great İdea! I really loved it but I have some other problems about game.
    Lots of people thinks classes are too unbalanced.(OP archers and mages)
    No one wants to play warrior or summoner :S

    For example:give summies more damage and give warriors fast run,or something like a running attack skill.(run and stun)
    Also we nearly miss every skill,every attack.
    we need more hit chance..
    I just hope you guys to balance the classes a little bit.

  7. Maneiro ha ha, gostei

  8. Mas vai demorar muito para lançar ou tem uma data específica?

  9. Hey, are there any news when this Feature / Update will published and at which time the 4story Server (published by Gameforge) will recieve it? Sorry for my bad english :(

  10. Me and some other people where thinking that there should a different damage system. One day someone said in all chat that they where hitting someone for five's when he had a +24 pvp staff with max options and four jewls. To me that just sounds outrageous for a staff like that and i think is a big issue with the game.

  11. idea is it great ... but i think i till not playing for peoples from europe... actually gm is doing everything for peoples from USA cuz game is from Usa.. so here is not big chance that he set time for war for europe time.. so 80% of us AGAIN cant do this map... as ussually...