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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Ice Dungeon Battle Ground Map Coming to 4Story

One more new Battle Ground map will be released in the near future. This time, 4Story will introduce the Ice Dungeon, a world covered in ice.

Like the previous maps, they will have the same rules in which you will have to defeat the titans at the opponent's base two times to win the game. However, the whole dungeon appearance, the monsters and the dropped items will have a totally different look.

We have posted some of the new screenshots of the new Battle Ground map. Can you see which part is which?


4Story is also thinking of adding some new functions to Battle Ground to make the game more fun. What will be added is still yet to be determined, so it probably won’t be added to this new map.

Speaking of which, what new feature do you want to be added?


  1. Replies
    1. 2 years, I did cried for buffs.They didn't do any shit.
      IF you want to play warrior,leave 4story,its just a waste of time.
      every other class is superior compared to warriors.

    2. IT is quite funny actually.
      as a warrior,you take the biggest risk in the game and jump in to the battle,soak up all the damage and what you get?
      you miss half of your stuns and then die.
      wizards can stun people from a safe distance and they rarely miss.
      And you don't even get anything better compared to archer.
      so why play warrior when you can play archer(they are as tanky as warriors and they can really escape if they want,unlike warriors.)
      there is literally no reason to play warrior over archers.
      zemi thinks warrior is a beginner class which should be easy to play but actually warrior is the hardest class.
      no gapcloser,no movement speed,no ranged skills,gets debuffed and killed.
      seriously 4story warrior is the worst thing you can even play in a mmorpg game.

  2. When I play a warrior, so are my average score of 20 to 5 -_-

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