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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Woodland Update

The Legend begins…

Embark on a journey where the Ancients have left off at the Luminescent Mushroom Colony.
Find out why the Ancients had to leave at the time of the Great War of the Gods.

Find out what had happened to the Great King Angelion. 
Decode the messages hidden in the Ancient Tablets left by the Ancients. 
And lay ruin to the plan of the Great God of Destruction.

On this update, Woodland will be updated. 
Three more Territories and 1 Sacred War Zone will be added. 


Don’t miss out on the already updated combined Mission War happening every 2 hours. 
Then, get your merits as your war rewards and use it as your in game currency.


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  2. Hi
    Bookmark the extension of the banker. Pls
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  3. Harika.Eger 4Story'de ay taşı satın almak isterseniz MTCGame öneriyorum hemen ziyaret etmenizi tavsiye ederim.

  4. WE WANT TEASER AND DEV BLOG FOR THE BIG UPDATE ON 27.12 SOON WE CANT WAIT please dont destry this gaem more try to REVIVE this please and thank you ^^

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  6. 2016 big update teaser??? Let us know what is going on! People want a good reason to come back BEFORE the update!!

  7. DevBlog WOW one of your best ideas!
    We wait this BIG thing that is coming 2016-2017 you better hear GameForge ideas more of players are there and play. 4Story is the best (if you improve it again and advertise it and join this on e-sport phenomenons so to learn about this) but FIRSTLY need to improve it again! GOOOO Zemi you can work it :)

  8. No news? Please share with us the first information of the next update! Be closer to your community!

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